Founded by Frank Pucelik one of the TOP-100 business coaches in the USA (according to the Institute for Organizational Development), author of several books on human development and a dozen publications on personnel management, motivation, work with information and leadership.  He regularly conducts conferences of international organizations AIESEC, FLEX, JCI, SIFE, AEGEE and others. Every year Frank Pucelik coaches more than 2,000 top and middle managers at leading conferences, exhibitions, forums and around the world. 

Frank Pucelik
Founder and Principal

Founder of META International more than 45 years ago in Santa Cruz, California USA.   Robert Frank Pucelik is one of the top 100 coaches in America.  Frank has travelled the world and coaches more than 2000 middle and top management executives and individuals on key human development techniques and skills.  Frank is the Co-Founder of NLP the world renown  human development program.

Anna  Pozdnyakova
Consultant, business coach
Sam Ashour
International Marketing and Communications Director

A double major graduate from the University of Southern California at the age of twenty with an Executive Program at Harvard Business School and a Certified International Coach.  For more than twenty years Sam has traveled the world as an executive, entrepreneur, music composer and coach with individuals, start-up companies and conglomerates such as Google, Microsoft, SAP and others. Sam is the Founder and Creator of the human development and motivation program TELELife.

Lilia Moskalchuk
Project Manager