A Global Leader in Human Development

Innovative Human Achievements


The implementation of numerous and complex consulting projects.  business management system procedures and beliefs ( MbPB - Management by Procedures and Beliefs ). 

conducts training in the format of trainings, coaching, seminars and master classes. Topical topics such as:

  • Power. Control. Leadership

  • Organizational development. Success secrets

  • Models of human motivation

  • Professional communication. Mastery of effective communication


A unique educational cycle has been formed, contributing to an increase in personnel efficiency, work productivity, and the development of leadership qualities.  The most important and powerful technologies  are included in the educational cycle, which consists of four trainings:


More than 2,000 top and middle managers at leading conferences, exhibitions, forums and around the world.   Coach services to numerous city, state and federal agencies, both in America and around the world that includes:  American Welding Society, Bank of America, Chevron of Canada, Conoco USA, California, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, US Institute of Organizational Management, US Chamber of Commerce, Wickes International, GHK Oil & Gas Production Company, Rockwell International and others.


META International is proud to announce the launch of it’s regional offices in the UAE for the CIS, Middle East, North Africa and Asia territories.  META International has initiated it’s collaboration with the Expo 2020 Dubai authorities and introduce for the first time in the region the courses and conferences to meet the 25 million business attendees expected at Expo 2020.

The program is intended to provide the latest in state of the art motivation and innovation through leadership courses and workshops at the event.  That meets with the UAE objectives to provide the forums and the knowledge that transforms the event to be one of a kind.




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